MG Midget Resto

This weekend I started work on a 1978 MG Midget. The car is the later rubber bumper model.


The heavy bumpers were the first to go. Out of curiosity we weighed them and they came to a hefty 96 pounds (44kg). This is the weight of a small adult.


The plan for this restoration is to end up with a tidy everyday classic for the owner. At the moment the paint finish looks like it has been done with a roller, the filler looks like Artex and the synchromesh on 2nd gear is weak. The strip down started with the bumpers then the engine and gearbox were removed as one unit.


The underneath was surprisingly rot free.


The windscreen and door furniture was removed.


There seems to be a lot of filler on this car so it will be removed, any issues repaired with old metal cut out and new welded in.

The floor is in remarkable condition. Now the rubber bumpers have been removed the mounting brackets at the front will have to be cut off so a more fitting front grille can be fitted. I will also smooth out the rear valance were the bumper mount ‘lumps’ are.

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