Over to the other side…

So, In my experience if one side of the car is rotten then this will probably be mirrored on the other side. A quick check of the A post revealed more corrosion. This was cut out…imag1049_zpscmnxexib


….and the inner structure repaired.


A Metal Folder and shrinker were used to make a repair section from sheet steel. This was painted on the inside before being welded in place.



Further towards the back of the car more corrosion was found. Guess what? This was cut out and replaced with new metal.imag1055_zpslw1bu6nlimag1058_zpsa8wcemwqimag1059_zpsljbt8fxd

I noticed this ‘old school repair which made me laugh. It seems to be a plate bolted and riveted  on to the front wheel arch then blathered with thick camouflaging underseal. imag1054_zps0jmzlid7

I will investigate this next time.


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