Whats going on back there?

The intention for this build was to turn an ugly duckling into a classic sports car with a very limited budget. The best way to do this cheaply is to remove the old rubber bumpers and run without them.

Once the bumpers are removed there are several modifications needed to give the rear a pre ’74 look.


The flat area below the rear lights, which was modified for the rubber bumper models, needed to be returned to chrome bumper spec. As the lower edges of the rear valance and wings were rotten pre’74 repair panels were used.

The lower section of the valance was cut out and the chassis trimmed…


…to fit the lower section of the new panel.



This took time as I had to weld slowly with a series of tack welds to make sure the panel did not warp with the heat. In retrospect I think I would just replace the whole panel next time.

Anyway I’m happy with the results.


The other side looks like this.



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