Bodywork, Panels and Prep.

With the floor solid it is now time to crack on with the bodywork. As this is a budget rebuild I will be repairing what I have as much as possible. The wings are pattern parts so as well as being a bit frilly around the edges they will take a bit of work to get them to fit.

The rotten corner was cut out of this wing…wp-1484505440853.jpg

…a repair patch made and butt welded in…wp-1484505452623.jpg

…and the repair ground flat.wp-1484505464877.jpg

Small repairs were made to the mounting flanges at the front of both wings were they bolt on to the front valance.wp-1484505474016.jpg


The mounting brackets were repaired and new captive nuts welded on.wp-1484505499632.jpg

The wings were then rust treated on the inside and coated with a generous layer of Stonechip/ Shutz. They were then attached to the body. Hopefully they will not have to come off again.wp-1484505522464.jpg

Whilst attaching the wings I did my best to get the panel gaps as good as I could. Remember these are pattern parts so this was a bit of a struggle.wp-1485021476546.jpg


One annoying thing that I could not live with was this.wp-1485021496675.jpg

The front of both wings didn’t follow the curve of the bonnet and was proud by 1/4 of an inch. The solution was to slice the mounting flange like so:wp-1485021508394.jpg


And close the gap using a big hammerwp-1485021554195.jpg


This worked well and tomorrow I will weld the splits up. After this I started with the body prep. This is the stuff that takes time and I have to be quite strict with myself as any imperfections will show in the finished paint. I like to work fast but this job cannot be rushed.wp-1484505410432.jpg

At least the midget is small and also has the advantage of having no roof.

Under body protection

A bit of a mile stone was reached yesterday with the welding on the floor finished.

This was the last bit that needed doing which was at the trailing edge of the right rear wheel arch.



After this all the underseal was removed using a hot air gun and scraper. After this I went over the whole floor pan and wheel arches with a knotted wire wheel in the angle grinder.

This most be the most dangerous tool I own but it does such a good job of removing rust, paint and underseal.


After the underseal was removed I seam sealed and the joints and weld repairs with polyurethane sealer.


And then coated everything in plenty of Dinitrol 447 stone chip.




Next job is to repair and make the front wings fit (they are miles out at the moment).

MG Midget Front end resto

With the welding complete at the rear I moved up to the front of the car.

Remember this?


Well after I ground off the rivets and bolt heads holding the ‘repair’ on this was revealed.


I made a patch up and as well as seam welding it I plug welded onto the chassis leg.


The Midget is going to be bumperless and the owner wants a clean look so the 1500 vents were filled in with steel. This will have a skim of filler over the top to profile it.imag1152_zpslolwpn61


Next up will be to strip the underseal off then paint and stone chip the underside.

Trailer trash

A bit of a short break from the Midget yesterday. A friend was given this trailer  which has been very overloaded at some point.



The previous owner had botched it by bolting ‘splints’ either side of the damaged frame.

Scary stuff!


To repair this I cut off the damaged steel and spliced in a length of steel scaffolding pipe.


Quite a satisfying job to blow away the Christmas cobwebs.