Bodywork, Panels and Prep.

With the floor solid it is now time to crack on with the bodywork. As this is a budget rebuild I will be repairing what I have as much as possible. The wings are pattern parts so as well as being a bit frilly around the edges they will take a bit of work to get them to fit.

The rotten corner was cut out of this wing…wp-1484505440853.jpg

…a repair patch made and butt welded in…wp-1484505452623.jpg

…and the repair ground flat.wp-1484505464877.jpg

Small repairs were made to the mounting flanges at the front of both wings were they bolt on to the front valance.wp-1484505474016.jpg


The mounting brackets were repaired and new captive nuts welded on.wp-1484505499632.jpg

The wings were then rust treated on the inside and coated with a generous layer of Stonechip/ Shutz. They were then attached to the body. Hopefully they will not have to come off again.wp-1484505522464.jpg

Whilst attaching the wings I did my best to get the panel gaps as good as I could. Remember these are pattern parts so this was a bit of a struggle.wp-1485021476546.jpg


One annoying thing that I could not live with was this.wp-1485021496675.jpg

The front of both wings didn’t follow the curve of the bonnet and was proud by 1/4 of an inch. The solution was to slice the mounting flange like so:wp-1485021508394.jpg


And close the gap using a big hammerwp-1485021554195.jpg


This worked well and tomorrow I will weld the splits up. After this I started with the body prep. This is the stuff that takes time and I have to be quite strict with myself as any imperfections will show in the finished paint. I like to work fast but this job cannot be rushed.wp-1484505410432.jpg

At least the midget is small and also has the advantage of having no roof.

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