Panel gaps and leveling

The panel gaps on the Midget were pretty bad. The right hand A post had a gap that got bigger towards the bottom. instead of relying on filler I welded a short length of 3mm steel rod to it to build up the edge.


This was then ground back…wp-1485092979947.jpg

…and filled. The whole area then had a light skim of filler to get the all the panels the correct level and straight.


When the rubber bumpers are removed there is a large hole were the indicator needs to be. This is not on the earlier midgets so needs to be filled in.


A piece of steel is shaped to fit…


…welded in and ground back. This is welded slightly back from the front surface so filler can be used for final profiling.


The same was done on the other side.


Filler was used to smooth out the contours and a location hole measured out for the front indicators.


More sanding and profiling of filler was used to cover the repair work on the other side of the car…


…and attention given to the door gaps and levelness of the panels.


I find this work tedious but satisfying at the same time. Hopefully the first few coats of epoxy primer will be going on in a couple of weeks.

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