Little by little

Not a massive amount to report this post, I managed to source some nice front indicator lights. I decided to get these with a clear lens and use an orange bulb or LED. If I decide  to go the LED route I will have to change the flasher unit which is not much of a problem.

The lights are similar to early Morris Minor units and are flatter in profile than the similar Land Rover type. One problem with them is they have 2 contacts inside so I will have to bridge them together with a soldered strip of copper to make then fit a single contact indicator bulb.


I smoothed off the back side and it is as smooth as a babys bum. In fact it is as smooth as a Midgets bum. mmm…


The left hand side of the car is now getting there and soon I will be hand blocking the whole car ready for primer.


Just need the weather to change as it is wet and snowing outside.

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