Astra GSi

A few weeks¬† work ahead on this early ’90s Astra GSi. The Owner has had it for a good few years and wants it back on the road for sentimental reasons.¬†IMG_20170808_192730

As with most modern classics, they hide their corrosion very well. Its only when you dig around underneath that you find problems like this sill


Rust chopped out and new metal welded in. The inner sill was then rust treated and anti corrosion paint was applied.

The new sill was then welded in place….


…and closure panels made and fitted.


On to the other side and more of the same.




MG Midget Reassembly.

So the top coat was given a week to harden then the work began. The whole car was rubbed down by hand with 2000 wet and dry paper and machine buffed to a shine using Farecela G3. This was very time consuming, arm aching and boring work. I usually put some music on and let my mind wander…


As you can see assembly has begun with the engine and gearbox being fitted as one unit. A new 3 piece clutch and slave cylinder were also fitted.

A job that makes a massive difference to the overall look of the car is fitting the grill and lights which were done today.


I am struggling to get the windscreen to body seal to fit properly so this is now held under compression with a couple of ratchet straps with the desperate idea this may help.

I have started on the interior and have half fitted the carpets. This job is next on the list to complete. Once the doors are built up I will be able to fit the door cards and seats. The interior will then be finished.



The engine should be up and running next weekend so this is something to look forward to.

If no problems occur the car should be ready in around 3 weeks.