Vauxhall Firenza

1972 Vauxhall Firenza.

I have recently completed restoring a basket case Firenza with my son Joe as a father and son project.img_1166-20141212-161711583_zpszdtijsmm

As you can see the car was pretty rough and had been pretty much stripped down. Most of the parts were present but in boxes.

Better get welding then…imag0014_zps29zsfylk

Floor before and after.


rear valance

The car came with a few bits if panels which had been cut from other vehicles. Very handy.


Inner and outer sills done on both sides.

Joe helped with the engine freshen up.

After much prep the paint went on. imag0598_zpszlymdnpd

Then we could start reassembly. The headlining went well.


The Firenza was finished in July 2016  and has been used this summer.  This was 18 months after we started. Joe has just turned 16  and now has a car ready for when he passes his test hopefully next year.



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